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Personalized Vision Therapy Solutions in Ellicott City

While glasses, contact lenses, and patching can correct many visual problems, some require a more specialized approach. Vision therapy offers a unique solution for complex visual issues conventional methods cannot adequately resolve. Our optometrists provide this service, addressing the root cause to promote lasting visual improvement.

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What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a customized treatment program to improve specific visual skills and abilities. It involves a series of exercises tailored to each patient to enhance eye coordination, focusing, movement, and visual processing.

Vision therapy can involve using lenses, prisms, filters, computerized visual activities, and non-computerized viewing instruments. It's not simply eye exercises but a therapy that trains the brain to use the eyes more effectively, addressing the neurological aspects of vision.

Candidates for Vision Therapy

Vision therapy can benefit individuals with various visual issues, particularly those that affect learning, coordination, and everyday activities. Our optometrists often prescribe it after a comprehensive eye exam.

  • Learning-Related Vision Problems: Therapy for children and adults who struggle with reading, writing, or learning due to inadequate visual skills, enhancing eye movement, focusing, and visual memory.
  • Poor Binocular Coordination: Develops the ability for both eyes to work together effectively, crucial for reading, depth perception, and clear vision.
  • Convergence Insufficiency: Specifically targets this common near vision disorder, improving the eyes' ability to focus on close objects, essential for reading and other near tasks.
  • Amblyopia, Diplopia, Strabismus: Offers a non-surgical approach to treating these conditions, improving the visual system and eye alignment to correct lazy eye, double vision, or crossed eyes.
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  • Stress-Related Visual Problems: Addresses issues like blurred vision, headaches, and eye strain resulting from prolonged near-work or computer use, providing strategies to relax and protect the visual system.
  • Visual Rehabilitation for Neurological Issues: Assists individuals who have visual challenges due to brain injuries, stroke, or other neurological conditions, helping to restore visual function and improve quality of life.
  • Sports Vision Improvement: Enhances critical visual skills for athletes, such as eye-hand coordination, reaction times, and peripheral awareness, contributing to better performance in sports.

It's important to note that the success of vision therapy can depend on several factors, including the condition, the age of the patient, the exercises and equipment used, and the frequency and duration of the therapy sessions.

Discover the Benefits of Vision Therapy at Ellicott City Total Eye Care

We're proud to offer vision therapy in Ellicott City for children and adults. Our programs address various visual challenges, from developmental and eye teaming problems to sports performance enhancement. Whether you're seeking help for your child's academic success or improving your visual skills, our team can guide you.

To learn more about how vision therapy can benefit you or your child, request an eye exam at Ellicott City Total Eye Care.

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